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If Sir Arthur Conan Doyle had never done
anything else but write Sherlock Holmes
stories, he would be famous today. If he had
not written Sherlock Holmes, he might be
forgotten despite all his other accomplishments...

And these two prepositions would have distressed
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, who came to resent his
most famous literary creation as a distraction
from `more important' work...

- J.L. Lellegberg
The Quest for Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Arthur Conan Doyle (ACD) was a prolific writer. His large body of work includes poetry, plays, historical fiction, commentary on social and legal reform, war and military chronicles, enthusiastic articles on various sport, and finally writings on behalf of Spiritualism. He went to the Arctic as a ship's doctor, he solved real-life crimes, he was asked to serve on the 1916 Olympic Committee, and he travelled widely around the world giving lectures on everything from African oppression to magic. He also had a secret romance over many years with the woman who would become his second wife. In short, he led a very active life and had many adventures of his own--some as interesting as the characters he created in his fiction.

Below are some biographies about him, a list of autobiographical material, and links to other sources.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle by B. Partridge
pencil, ink and wash, 12 May 1926
Reproduced with permission of Punch Ltd.

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autobiographical material


The ONDB has a brief biographical information and some photos of ACD.

Who's Who

Who's Who / Who Was Who has basic information on ACD.



The Contemporary Author's Database has indepth biographical and bio-critical information on Doyle life and work.



Among the books written by Conan Doyle, this list contains autobiographical material:


Western Wanderings (1915)
A Visit to Three Fronts (1916)
The New Revelation (1918)
The Vital Message (1919)
The Wanderings of a Spiritutalist (1921)
Our American Adventure (1923)
Our Second American Adventure (1924)
Memories & Adventures (1924)
Our African Winter (1929)

The Sherlock Holmes Collection owns a complete run of Strand Magazine from 1891 to 1930, where most of Conan Doyle's serialised writings appeared.

Reference copies of these books are available under category 819.3 in the Sherlock Holmes Collections.
Or you may search for lending copies in the Westminster Libraries: Search Catalogue

Arthur Conan Doyle Society

This organisation brings together people with an interest in Conan Doyle. The Society also publishes a regular journal called ACD on Conan Doyle's life and works. It features articles by scholars and enthusiasts and looks at all aspects of Conan Doyle's writings. The Marylebone Library owns a complete run of the ACD Journal in the Sherlock Holmes Collection.

BBC: Conan Doyle Season

BBC webpage on documentaries, films and dramas celebrating Conan Doyle and his creations.  

Biography by the Sherlock Homes Society

Biography of Conan Doyle from the Sherlock Holmes Society of London website.

Biography from Wikipedia.

Wikipedia is a free, online encyclopedia with bibliography, links and facts about Conan Doyle.

Sherlockian.Net's short biography and links on Conan Doyle

Site maintained by Chris Redmond of the University of Waterloo, Canada. He is the author of A Sherlock Holmes Handbook and other Sherlockian books.

Some of his books at the Classic Literature Library

Excerpts from many of Conan Doyle's books in the public domain. A good place to see some samples of his work.

The Arthur Conan Doyle Collection

The Toronto Public Library has the largest publicly accessible collection in the world devoted to Arthur Conan Doyle. The collections contain different editions of Doyle's works, from the first to the most recent, along with simplified versions, translations, and adaptations to stage and screen.

Introduction | His Life | Fiction | Military | Sport | Spiritualism | True Crime | ACD Quiz