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Welcome to the Arthur Conan Doyle Exhibition by the City of Westminster. Westminster Libraries holds one of the key special collections on Sherlock Holmes and Arthur Conan Doyle in the Marylebone Reference Library. This exhibition is meant to be a companion to the two displays in Marylebone Library during April-May 2006 and to complement the Sherlock Homes Collection website. The main aim of this resource is to highlight different genres of Arthur Conan Doyle's other work, show users how to search for biographical information on authors in general, and tell them what tools are available to aid their search.

This online exhibit does not intend to duplicate biographies of Arthur Conan Doyle that already exist -- it will serve more as a pointer to other sources such as books and articles about Doyle, Societies and other online entities interested in his work, and commercial databases available free to Westminster library members.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle by Henry L. Gates
oil on canvas, 1927 © reserved;
Collection National Portrait Gallery, London